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Welcome to ByVac and thank you for visiting this site. 

ByVac is a small manufacturing company specialising in tools and devices that make life easier for those involved with electronics. The products have been used for prototyping and designing new equipment. The range appeals to companies and hobbyists alike. This is not just a shop though as there is lots of input from users and the products themselves lead to quite a bit of documentation.

The concept is to take something that is complex or awkward and make it simpler some how, particularly at first. As an example the PIC32 microcontroller is a complex part. Using this from scratch with a C compiler would take quite a while to get into. Also on its own it does nothing when you plug it in. My PIC32, straight away out of the box, plug it in and you get an 'ok' prompt. This very fact gives a level of confidence to enable progress to be made to the next level which may be continuing using the BASIC or going on to use C.

I am responsible for thinking up and designing the products and they are currently all manufactured here in the UK. I enjoy doing this and make a living out of selling the products. As you may imagine there is not much time for anything else and so I can't support complete beginners, sorry. I also don't have much time for answering emails but I try my best.

I hope you like the products.

Jim Spence

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