VT100 & I2C 128x64 LCD Graphic Controller-fitted

VT100 & I2C 128x64 LCD Graphic Controller-fitted
VT100 & I2C 128x64 LCD Graphic Controller-fitted
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LCD 128x64 and Serial & I2C Graphic Display Controller (BV4611) With controller fitted

This is for a 128x64 + BV4611 I2C and Serial Graphics controller, the following describes the controller. It is supplied with the controller attached.

top anotated image

top anotated image

The BV4611 is a 128x64 serial graphic display controller designed for displays that use two KS0108B controllers. It provides a universal serial interface that can easily be controlled by escape commands. It has full scrolling capability and 3 fonts. The serial interface can be either a standard asynchronous OR I2C, this is fully selectable by the user. This datasheet describes the controller and thus the display capabilities.

online icon Data sheet and resources

This device will work with Serial AND I2C

Back of display

This is similar to how it looks on the back of the display but the actual display shown here is not a 128x64

This shows how the device fits onto the back of the display. Any information (text) presented to the interface is replicated on the display and there is a choice of fonts, all selectable via escape codes. Example of the controller connected to the display and what it will display when connected.

Dsiplay showing fonts

When the text reaches the bottom of the screen it will begin scrolling. In addition to this it is capable of displaying graphics and there are commands that will enable the drawing of lines, rectangles and circles.

There are many other features to this display controller including the ability to set up a macro so that it will run at start up and display your own sign-on screen.

NOTE: This item if for the display and controller. In case you are wondering, it is the controller that gives the display the ability to draw lines and display fonts.

Controller Features

  • Designed for displays using the KS0108B LCD controller

  • Serial interface

  • I2C Interface

  • Three fonts

  • Automatic Baud rate when using the serial interface

  • Up to 21 characters by 8 lines

  • Graphic drawing, lines, pixels, circles rectangles filled or not.

  • I2C address set by user

  • Back light control

  • ACK mechanism to eliminate the need for hardware handshaking

  • Voltage: 3.3V or 5V (see text)

  • Size: 53x22mm


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