Mini-Max ByPic Microcontroller Board

Mini-Max ByPic Microcontroller Board
Mini-Max ByPic Microcontroller Board Mini-Max ByPic Microcontroller Board Mini-Max ByPic Microcontroller Board
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Mini-Max PIC 32 Rapid Application Development (V2)



This is a small development board based on the PIC32 MX170 IC. On board it has an operating system called ByPic that is similar to BASIC. This makes it much easier to program as all that is required is a serial interface (USB to Serial Converter) and a terminal.

The terminal can be downloaded free.

The PCB is laid out on a 2.54mm grid so it can be used on a solder less breadboard or plugged into a mother board. A robot application may have several to control each axis for example.

The board operates from 5V as it has its own on board 3.3V regulator. Some of the pins are also 5V tolerant for connecting to legacy logic devices.

The board comes with the pins but without any of them soldered so that the user may choose the configuration to suit the environment available. The pins for example could be mounted upwards so that DuPont connectors could be used instead of a solder less breadboard.

Size: 25mm x 45mm

The processor is a powerful 32 bit PIC running at 40MHz, this is much faster than the Adriano equivalent and it is also much easier to program as all of the functions can be run interactively. What does this mean?

Using the free terminal software and plugging the device into a USB to serial convertor will give this output.




This has a huge advantage in that there is no compile; upload; and test sequence. The results are immediate. You get immediate feedback that all is well by seeing the sign on screen, functions and commands can be entered interactively for example:


Typing print 1288945 * 156, reveals the result. Note the large numbers, a big advantage of 32 bits. There is a function in ram in this example that looks like this:

function hello()
dim j
   for j = 1 to 10
      print "\nHello World"

This can be entered directly from the terminal or placed into a text file and uploaded. To run the function simply type in its name as shown above.

online icon Documentation, online icon ByPic Website

The PCB is a complete system on a chip that requires no external components to get it going.


The BV502 is a PIC32 device (PIC32MX170F256D)

  • Max Speed MHz 40 

  • Program Memory Size 256 kB

  • RAM  64 kB

  • Temperature Range (C) -40 to 105 

  • Operating Voltage Range 4.5V to 6V

  • DMA Channels 4 

  • SPITM 2 

  • I2CTM Compatible 2 

  • CODEC Interface (I2S,AC97) Yes 

  • Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) Crossbar Yes 

  • CTMU Yes A/D channels 10 

  • Max A/D Sample Rate (KSPS) 1100 

  • Input Capture 5 

  • Output Compare/Std. PWM 5 

  • 16-bit Digital Timers 5 

  • Parallel Port PMP 

  • Comparators 3 

  • Internal Oscillator 8 MHz, 32 kHz 

  • RTCC Yes I/O Pins 21 Pin Count 28

What you Get

The board comes with the pins but without the pins soldered for maximum flexibility. If the USB to Serial option is chosen this comes with the connecting leads to the serial pins.

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