BV508 Wi-Fi GPIO

BV508 Wi-Fi GPIO
BV508 Wi-Fi GPIO
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IoT (Internet of Things) Wi-Fi GPIO

This is a combination of a PC32 and ESP8266 to give the best of all worlds. Use the PIC to connect to the real world and the ESP8266 to connect to the rest of the world.

PIC32 Specifications

  • PIC32MX170, 256k Flash, 64kRAM
  • 40MHz clock rate
  • Audio features
  • ADC 10 bit
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit
  • Comparators
  • Timers (5)
  • SPI, I2C, UART x 2
  • Some pins are 5V tolerant

The ESP8266 plugs directly into the BV508 via the socket provided and connects to UART1. It will then enable the Built in operating system to manipulate the ESP82666 directly via the AT command set.

Built in Operating System.

The BV508 comes pre-loaded with example firmware, which of course can be changed by the user. This is an example of the main menu when connected to a suitable serial interface. From here the main settings of the ESP8266 can be realised including setting it to connect to an existing Access Point. When connected it is then possible to get to the internet.

The possibilities are endless having a dedicated microcontroller which can control relays, motors etc. connected to the internet -- or simply just a dedicated network.


The BV509 is built and ready to go and comes complete with the ESP8266 module (current firmware 0016901 or 0017901). The two rows of connector pins are NOT soldered as this leaves the user free to solder them in either up or down position. A USB to Serial device will be needed to communicate with the BV508.


Typical Applications: Control; heating, irrigation, look after property remotely, lighting. Monitoring; wildlife, temperature, relatives!, weather (in remote locations) . Education: learn about Wi-Fi and microcontrollers.  



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