LCD 20x4 White on Blue

LCD 20x4 White on Blue
LCD 20x4 White on Blue
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These most popular displays for their low cost and usefulness have been around for many years and are easy to read and use. Particularly if purchased with one of the serial options. The displays can be purchase on their own, with an interface or with the interface fitted and tested.

Character LCD's all with Back light have the standard HD44780 type controller for interfacing to a microcontroller or similar. NOTE: This particular display has two connector options and does NOT need a contrast potentiometer. The contrast is set automatically to the given input voltage that should be between 4.8 and 5,2V


Controller Options

There are five types of display interface type each with their own advantages. They are ASI-V2, VT100, VT100-a, DUAL and I2C for an explanation of the differences see "Display Interface Types" in the information box.

For ease of use choose VT100, VT100-a or Dual for Maximum flexibility but more work programming choose ASI-V2 or I2C

Fitted means that the display will have the device fitted to the back and be tested before leaving the factory.

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