Multi function Input Output Interface with USB

Multi function Input Output Interface with USB
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This is a multi I/O Board which includes: 2 x 10A Relays, 8 x Digital input / output, 8 x Switch output up to 0.5A @ 50V with PWM in 256 steps, 2 x Digital to Analogue outputs (64 steps), 4 x Analogue to Digital with 3 x precision voltage references.

WARNING The relays on this device will switch AC Mains. It must NOT be connected to mains voltages without the approval of a qualified electricion.

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The relays fitted will have the following minimum specification:

·          Normally Open 10A @ 240V AC

·          Normally Closed 6A @ 240V AC

·          10A @ 24V DC



This input / output board has three interface options. A USB option that presents itself as a COM port. A serial interface using escape commands and an I2C interface.

All three interfaces can control the various I/O devices.


  • Twin 10A relays
  • Two channel Digital to Analogue with 64 steps
  • Four channel 10 bit Analogue to digital
  • On board adjustable precise voltage reference
  • Eight channel digital input or
  • Eight channel digital output
  • Eight channel high power outputs
  • USB interface
  • Serial Interface with Auto Baud rate detect
  • I2C Interface
  • Current: 16mA @ 5V (relays off), relays consume about 60mA each.
  • Size: 94 x 53mm

  1. USB interface for connecting to a PC. When connected this will present itself as a COM port and communication can commence via HyperTerminal or other terminal software (software included in the resources pack). VB can also be used using the MSComm component or indeed any program that can communicate via the COM port
  2. On board voltage regulator protects the PC from short circuits. Also when used with a microcontroller the input voltage can be up to 10V.
  3. Input connector that can accept either serial OR I2C
  4. OPTIONAL jumper to disconnect the USB chip when used with a microcontroller
  5. Standard FTDI USB to Serial chip has standard drivers for PC,MAC and Linux. The drivers are already built into Linux.
  6. Four 10 bit analogue to digital inputs with an accurate reference voltage that can be set to 1.024V, 2.048V and 4.096V
  7. Two Digital to analogue outputs that can be set to give an analogue output from 0 to +V in 63 steps.
  8. Two 5A relays outputs
  9. An 8 port digital switch using the ULN2803 Darlington output. This is capable of  switching up to 1/2 Amp per port. and Voltages up to 50V. The o/p is pulse width modulated and so the output power can be varied.
  10. This is connected to the digital switch and can either input or output 8 channels.

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