What is my Network IP

When you connect your PC, tablet etc. to an existing wi-fi Access Point (AP). The AP will issue the PC an IP address, this is done automatically by the AP which is fine for most circumstances. However in this case we need to use a fixed (static) IP address so that later on we know the address of the device (BV107) so we can connect to it.

An IP address consists of 4 numbers, something like The first three numbers is the network address 192.168.20 and the last number is the IP address of the individual item, which as mentioned above is given to the item (PC, laptop etc.) by the AP. For a static address we need to chose the number.

Finding the network

Choosing an address

You must use the same network address and so if the PC where you ran ipconfig say then the first three numbers must be the same. Choose a number that is nowhere near, in this case I would choose (max is 250). It is important not to choose a number that is already in use.

Numbers in Use and DHCP

Most of the time just guessing an IP address, providing the first three numbers are the same will be okay. A clash will be detected by a PC or Laptop but will not be detected by the BV107. To do this properly you need access to the AP which will have a program called DHCP. This can be set to restrict the range it gives out and so static addresses that you choose will not clash.