Two Way Serial Comms
September 26, 2014 11:33AM

Does anyone have an example serial program I can use to communicate with the pic on two designated PC's for UART.

I have built a serial circuit and run the example program off the website where when the function 'check' is run the word 'fred' appears on a pc terminal connected to my serial circuit. This works fine - the designated UART ports RA0 and RA2 appear to work as the program intends.

I am having difficulty though getting the communication to work the other way. If I type some text on the other pc terminal I have to run the function check again, (on the BV_COM_2), to see what was typed on the other PC terminal.

How can I open up a communcation line where the text going back and fore is automatic so that i can see both texts typed on each terminal???

Any ideas would help please!!

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