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No COM Port

Posted by ugine 
No COM Port
September 28, 2014 10:07AM
I have a problem .
Info “Windows can’t load CP21104 usb to uart” “ can’t find necessary software”.

After loading BVserial .
Info “ent port name.”
I enter com 1
I get back “BVserial on com1: 115200.8.N.1 ---
“Quit .x : Help: .h”
Forcing DTR inactive
Forcing RTS inactive
Version 14.

I have checked as per trouble shooter, still nothing , No yellow type as in example.
I am new to this please advise
Re: No COM Port
September 28, 2014 10:13AM
The USB to serial must be working to progress, so this is the problem.

BVSerial needs the correct COM port to operate and so this needs fixing first. Usually Windows systems have the CP2xx driver built in and as soon as you plug the device in you get a message saying the driver is being installed or is installed and you get a new COM port to work with it is most unusual for Windows not to recognise it unless it is an old version of Windows (pre XP).

Either way as your system has told you that it cant find the software you will need to download it from the Si-Labs site (http://www.silabs.com/products/interface/usbtouart/Pages/usb-to-uart-bridge.aspx) and follow the instructions for your system. It is the VCP driver the driver needs installing.

You could also, before installing the software just try and plug the USB to serial in a different USB port, it could be as simple as that or reset Windows and then try again - worth a try anyway.

When the driver is installed properly you will get a new COM port which will show up in BvSerial.
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