Strong Data Typing, Global Variables & Hungarian Notation.
January 07, 2013 05:22PM
New to the forum and new to machine BASIC (ByPic ) and aware of comments on its genesis, Forth and maintainability I noticed quite a few coding examples don't lend themselves to third party maintenance.

Having written VBA code for many years as a living, right from the start I chose to use Hungarian notation and later Leszynski naming convention when coding. For example:

Dim strText as String
Dim blnTrue as Boolean
Dim intLoop as Integer
Dim lngResult as Long

Another good reason for using prefix notation is when debugging code. If implicit typing is in use you cannot type prefix variable names because you simply don't know how the machine typed the variable anyway?

The other issue is private and global variable declaration. With implicit typing all variables are global but would this be the case inside of a user created function?

So what's the story on data typing and and global variables in ByPic and can I declare type in DIM statements?
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