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Posted by corsisa 
March 03, 2014 10:42AM
I need help

I have a Wr703n with openwrt but i can't actived the relay's.

I configure the baudrate in router and the in bv4111 but can't comunicate with bv4111 and the wr703n.
Strange because if connect to pc all works ok, but in wr703n with openwrt do not.

Can you help me?
Re: BV4111
March 03, 2014 03:16PM
If the BV4111 works okay with a PC the it is probably how the bytes are terminated on the openwrt. To explain the BV4111 expects a 'packet of information terminated with byte 13, so command so to turn on relay 'c' on a PC terminal would be:
The actual bytes sent to the BV4111 would be 100 99 49 44 48 13 (in decimal). If openwrt sends these bytes at the correct Baud rate then the BV4111 WILL work. It may be just sending LF (10) or LF+CR after sending the command bytes.
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