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Posted by Brian 
January 12, 2015 12:54PM
Hello I have a query on the WIFI kit. Got it all up and running and followed the set up to configure as a server as option 2 in the instructions i.e. can access the module from my home network without needing to connect to the WIFI module SSID. This works great, however, if the power is removed the settings revert back to the server 1 option and can only be accessed via the WIFI SSID. Is there a way that the settings can be saved to stop this?

Re: IOT Kit
January 12, 2015 05:20PM
it is the menu program called 'main.bas', when it runs puts it is server mode. Type flclear(1) to remove just it from flash, as it was the last program to be loaded, an put your own main function in.

Main is here [byvac.com] and the offending function is here:

function main()
    print "\n******************************************"
    print "\nWi-Fi Demonstatrion firmware"
    print "\nDetails at www.bypic.co.uk"
    print "\n******************************************"
    wf_start() // mainly to open com port
    // auto run directions
    // server has priority
    // C9 + C8 to ground - server
    if io_read(pRUNSV,RUNSV) = 0 then
        mode(2) // set as an access point
    // C9 + C7 to ground - client
    if io_read(pRUNCL,RUNCL) = 0 then
        mode(1) // set as a station
Re: IOT Kit
January 13, 2015 11:56AM
Hi Jimeer, thanks for the reply.

I will try to amend the file as you suggest. If I understand this correctly I need to set the WIFi module as station and the Bypic to run the server software.

Thanks again.
Re: IOT Kit
January 13, 2015 04:00PM
Just edited the file, reloaded and it works!! I am well impressed with this kit especially the ease of programming.

Thanks again for the help.
Re: IOT Kit
January 20, 2015 04:57PM
hello who can help me, I'm playing with IoT Kit1
everything works well except after entering IP in the browser I see no control window for control led and read temp
settings Ap / server 4/9 I see the ESP in the list of networks and S8 to S9 ground (-)
can login ESP
retrieve google (function 8) good
google retrieval time (function 11) good

what goes wrong
Re: IOT Kit
January 20, 2015 05:28PM
could it be that the IP address on the instructions is and not ?
Re: IOT Kit
January 20, 2015 09:52PM
hello jimeer this was a write error is

hello jimeer if I use test NR 9
response is
Characters recieved 20
455: GET / H ch = 0
Page has been recieved [/]
Text input buffer 254 Allocated Baud 115200

thanks for the quick response

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