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bv509 which pins to use

Posted by galeforce9 
bv509 which pins to use
April 03, 2015 08:19PM

I have the BV509 and esp8266 module. The instructions for the esp8266 are for the bv508 and it refers to pins c7,c8 and c9. These are not present on the BV509 (or I dont see them!). Can you tell me which pins are used on the BV509 to autorun the wifi. Currently the BV509 is trying to autorun the server but with errors. It will not let me clear or load any scripts presumably because of the autorun? I can type .r and it resets correctly but autoruns straight away again. Is there a way I can erase the scripts and start again by somehow stopping the autorun.

Thank you

Re: bv509 which pins to use
April 03, 2015 09:25PM
the ByPic language will detect any main() function that is saved to flash or SD Card and will run that at start up. If this behaviour is not required then remove the main() function from flash (or SD Card).

If there is any firmware pre-installed on the BV509 then the main() will likely be the last file that was saved to flash. So issuing the command flclear(1) will remove the last file form flash and thus main(). flclear(0) will remove all of the pre-installed software including rookie (if any) and you will get the start up 'ok' prompt. Rookie is of course very easily put back with the script on this page http://www.bypic.co.uk/index.php/Rookie_Firmware

The BV508 IoT firmware has not been tested with the BV509 and so will need some alteration, the MX370 has a limited C port but does have D,E,F and G. All of the code is open and readable so it is a good opportunity to get the BV509 working with that software, the changes should be minor.

In addition have a look at the web server http://www.bypic.co.uk/index.php/Web_Server this has been tested with the BV508 and BV509.
Re: bv509 which pins to use
April 06, 2015 01:02PM

Thank you. I had tried flclear(0) but nothing had happened. I'll try it again and when I get control I'll give the webserver a go.


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