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PSPad to BV_COM2

Posted by thomas.smith57 
PSPad to BV_COM2
March 10, 2013 08:32PM
When attemting to transfer programs from PSPad to BV_COM2 I get the error message ;transfer cancelled by target error. This is not all transfers but once it happens it keeps happening. What is the reason for this error, anyone know.

M Smith
Re: PSPad to BV_COM2
March 11, 2013 08:51AM
Here are some pointers:
1) If loading from the internet then it may need two or three attempts depending on the connection. If this happens regularly then store the offending file locally.

2) Only have one blank line after the end of the program and make sure nothing is in that line, that it is blank.

3) An error in the program can cause this, particularly missing or extra brackets. To isolate the cause turn echo on and watch where the program stops. To turn echo on put the following at the top of the program:
#option echo on

It will stay on until it encounters:
#option echo off

Another debugging trick is to isolate a section of the program by using
Anything in between these two will be ignored by BV_COM and not sent the the BV5nn
Re: PSPad to BV_COM2
March 11, 2013 09:03PM
Thanks Jim.
I did find out it was due to syntax errors in my code after I had posted.
Thanks for the tips which will help me

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