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New to the BC513M

Posted by pete_l 
New to the BC513M
June 02, 2013 02:24PM
I received a couple of BV513M's yesterday - thanks!
Since then I've started playing with them, reading the doco's and generally considering what projects I will use them for.
There are a few things that puzzle me, however.

In the picture on the BV513-M page, there seem to be some discrepancies.

The labelling of the jumpers seems to have changed. What is JP2 in the picture is labelled JP3 on my board. Similarly, the picture's JP3 is screen printed as JP4
The low-rightmost pin of (in the picture) JP3 is labelled "RC1". However, the pinout diagram just below looks like this is pin RC14 - There's also an LED that's labelled C15. I can light this by sending an io_write(PORTC,15,LOW) to the board and switch it off with an io_write of HIGH.

I've installed Rookie v2.1
On the subject of io_write() and others, I've noticed that the board crashes if you send the command
io_write(PORTC,15, 0 or 1) instead of HIGH or LOW. I get a message "General exception address 9d00553c" and the BV513M needs resetting.

The final whinge ;) is to do with case-sensitivity. Would it be possible to make the commands and symbol names case insensitive. It's a major pain haViNg tO tYpe miXed caSe when entering interactive commands.? Pretty please??
Re: New to the BC513M
June 02, 2013 04:36PM
the picture is from an older board and the silk screen has changed, however the layout and pins are the same as in the 'Pinout' diagram on this page. It is just the JP numbers are different.

The general exception is because HIGH is not '1' and LOW is not '0'. That is a wrong assumption. The function format is expecting HIGH or LOW not 1 or 0. If you are interested to see what HIGH or LOW is then use 'print HIGH'

The language is case sensitive, like C,Java etc. This is useful because it makes a distinction between HIGH has a constant and high as a variable. That is part of the language I am afraid so will never change. As a recommendation I would simply do everything in lower case.
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