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bv513 pc connect

Posted by nemo888 
bv513 pc connect
August 02, 2012 10:35PM
Hey there,

Hoping that someone can help:

I am having problems with connecting the board to the PC, there used to be no problem with BV_com finding the COM port where the board connects, but now it does not find the board. In device manager it tells me that the device can't start. Also when I connect the board to the USB port, there used to be some blinking of the LED the board, but now that doesn't happen, the last program I loaded to the board starts running and that's that. I don't know if the problem is with the BV101 (USB to serial) or there's some other problem.

I have also tried reinstalling the driver for the COM port, but it doesn't do anything.

Any advice?

Re: bv513 pc connect
August 03, 2012 07:34AM
You don't say but if you have a BV101 then I presume that this is part of the BV513 kit. If the BV513 is running the last program then we can eliminate that.
Form your description there is a problem with the BV101 connectivity, this will be due to either the PC USB or the BV101 itself. When you plug in the BV101 you should get a COM port associated with that. Make sure this is or is not happening follow these steps:
0) Unplug the BV101
1) Go into control panel and system then (Advanced system on W7). Select the hardware tab then device manager, expand the Ports(LPT & COM) tree so you can see what ports are installed on the system.
2) With this display in view, plug in the BV101 and another COM port should appear, if nothing happens there is something wrong with a) PC USB port, b) USB cable c) BV101
Re: bv513 pc connect
August 06, 2012 09:56PM
Hello again,

Yes, I do have the BV101 just as you presumed. Happily the problem was the cable and not something else.

Many thanks for the reply jimeer!
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