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Fonts, loding & use

Posted by fclaro 
Fonts, loding & use
October 29, 2013 05:55PM
Hi Jim

1 ) I have doubts about the file * . Bff produced by CodeHeads because almost all have the size of 193kb . Only your LCDMono Normal30.bff have 385KB . When I use CodeHeads choose the type of font , I set height and width and push the save button. It seems simple.

2) When I load *. Bff to RAM it flows regular but when I try to write nothing appears on the LCD
| ByPic Version 2.08
| Saves 0 |
| BV523 Serial# 201310020
| |
| Documentation www.bypic.co.uk |
| |
| Copyright Jim Spence 2013 |
0:/ ok difont("verd30.bff")

0:/ ok ditext("lhifwnl")
0:/ ok ditell(1)

1 0:/ ok

0:/ ok

0:/ ok ditext(" Verdana30.bff ")

0:/ ok difont("0")

0:/ ok ditext(" default ")

0:/ ok dicls(65535)

0:/ ok ditext(" test")

0:/ ok difont(verd30.bff")
ERROR (0) <verd30.bff"> undefined function or variable
ERROR (28) expecting )

0:/ ok difont("verd30.bff")

0:/ ok dihome()

0:/ ok didown(3)

0:/ ok ditext(" Verdana30.bff ")

0:/ ok difont("0")

0:/ ok ditext(" default ")

0:/ ok
Then set de default font and ditext flow normal.

Please give me clues on how to:
create the correct font from CodeHeads

loading correctly from the SD card to RAM

and how to use 2 fonts alternating

Fernando Claro

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Re: Fonts, loding & use
October 30, 2013 07:34AM
you will find the information you are looking for here:
www.bypic.byvac.com - getting started
Re: Fonts, loding & use
October 31, 2013 09:45PM
Hi Jim

Some thing is wrong
I can't loading any font.
I read "getting started" once more
and create the binary file *.bf from *.bff
I put it on SD and ..

----A 2013/10/31 21:02 8459 VERDAN~1.BF
----A 2013/10/31 20:58 14449 LCDMON~1.BF
----A 2013/10/31 20:23 105 TESTE1.BAS
----A 2013/10/31 21:02 8459 VERDAN20.BF
----A 2013/10/31 21:03 8459 VERDAN~2.BF
----A 2013/10/31 20:59 8459 LUCIDA~1.BF
----A 2013/10/31 20:59 8459 LUCIDC20.BF
----A 2013/10/31 21:01 8459 VERDAB16.BF
32 File(s), 4686895 bytes total
1 Dir(s), 36405248 bytes free

0:/ ok fload("lcdmon~1.bf")

--- start of P_fload ---
ERROR (0) <7D> undefined function or variable at fload

0:/ ok

0:/ ok

0:/ ok fload("lcdmon~1")

--- start of P_fload ---

67 0:/ ok

0:/ ok ditext("Text Sample")
0:/ ok

0:/ ok ...

at second time write on screen, but with initial font

I tried with others fonts, but results are the same.

I suspect there are some thing wrong with this HW.

Please, can you give some clues to use other font ?

Fernando Claro
Re: Fonts, loding & use
November 01, 2013 07:23AM
if you want a reply to your posts then you need to be more specific. The question you have posed above does not make any sense to me, I cannot tell what problem you are having other than something to do with fonts. I have no idea why you are using fload, it is nothing to do with fonts and is not in the getting started guide.

I suggest that you simplify the problem to a specific item and then clearly state exactly what the problem is. This may better help you understand the problem yourself. Using fonts on the BV523 is http://www.bypic.byvac.com/index.php/BV523_Starting there is no point in repeating the text here. I also gave the link in the previous post.
Re: Fonts, loding & use
November 06, 2013 11:18AM

Ok now I use many fonts!
My mistake was to consider fonts must be loaded on RAM.
Now I understand the fonts must be on SD and only call difont("FontName.bf")
I tried to run fp2c.exe but no run on win7, for now never mind.

In my opinion read the rookie files is the best way to understand the fonts.

Thanks Jim
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