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Forth & PWM

Posted by ugine 
Forth & PWM
May 17, 2012 02:04PM
As per Byvac manual and also with reference to LPC2132 manual We are supposed to get 6 PWMs.

PWM1 at port 0,
PWM2 at port 7
pwm3 at port 1
pwm4 at port 8
pwm5 at port 21
pwm6 at port 9

But when i am triggering the PWM on ports 0 and 1 , the Byvac terminal is crashing. Also port 7 is also not giving a PWM. So now i am linited to only 3 PWMS.Please check out on this. Attaching the PWMTest code for your reference. I tested this on old and new Byvac 511. Both are not working. Please let me know some pointers.
Re: Forth & PWM
May 17, 2012 02:06PM
The ports on the ARM are muti-purpose and so you need to check if the firmware is not using them for anything else. The source code is available [www.byvac.com]

Ports 0 and 1 for example on the ARM are also used for the UART and so using them for PWM will stop communication with the BV_Terminal, I believe this is what you call crashing. It is quite likely then that the other ports you can't get working are for similar reasons.
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