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This option is used to send commands using the http:// GET option. This is in fact equivalent to using the browser address bar. With this option there is no need to 'connect' as a connection is made each time something is sent.

How It Works

Text entered in the terminal window will be sent when enter is pressed so for example.


In the above is exactly equivalent to entering in a browser address bar and pressing enter.

WIFi Commands

One of the uses for this mode is to interact directly with the WiFi module, these are usually preficed with '+++' for example to get the ip address of the connected device:


Here the +++info command is used. A list of commands is here which can also be obtained for the home page.

Using the Editor

The editor can be used to store commands and send either using the !A which will send everything in the editor or the |S which will just send the selected text.

All of the commands can be accessed via this method with the exception of +++send


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