This is a 7 segment 4 digit display that has a serial AND an I2C interface for maximum flexibility. The product is very simple to use and reduces the number of ports required form the host, the multiplexing and timing are all carried out on board so the user just has to supply the data.

This product is FULLY compatible with the Raspberry Pi

The size of the whole display is 50mm x 19mm with a back to front depth of 12mm. The segment size is classed as 0.56"


Python class for SV3 protocol
Python class for the BV4614
Python demo program, requires the two classes above
The SV3 class is slightly updated as the address on the latest SV3 is stored in 3 EEPROM locations and this class can handle that. To use the demo software provide the com port the device is connected to:

Windows example
python "COM3"


August 2013
Introduced as a direct replacement for the BV4513. The I2C interface will now work with the Raspberry Pi and is exactly the same as the I2C interface for the BV4613 so any software will be comparable. The serial interface now uses the SV3 protocol and so if converting from the BV4513 to the BV4614 then some changes will be required. The hardware remains the same except that pin 4 is now not used and so the device cannot be used with an RS232 (12V) COM port.

Dimensions Version d (mm)

BV4513 dims.jpg