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Who have taken over some of the manufacturing.

** As from 2018 devices are no longer available, this site will be maintained for a limited period **

This site has low cost products specifically designed to be controlled by the I2C or serial interface on the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Linux, Windows or ByPic development systems. All the Python software is open source, please download and modify as required. All have either Serial or I2C interface

ADC                     GPIO              LCD           

User Interfaces     RGB                  Graphical

There is also a simple example for each device to get you started.

There is also a PCB Kit available that makes interfacing any of the above Chips much easier, these too can be sideways stacked, see below or see here for full details.

As a bonus they can also be controlled by any machine that can produce a serial output and this includes Linux and Windows machines. The great advantage is that only two port pins are required.



All devices are stackable - they all share a common plug, socket arrangement so many can be stacked together

Example of relay and two Stepper motor boards.

(Note the +V line on the relay maximum is 5V but on the motor is 40V so that particular line may need to be bent out of the way to separate the relay from the motor boards)