All of the Python code on this page is released under the GPL licence. NOTE All of the python code on this site is version 2.7 as that is the current version used on the Raspberry Pi. To be compatible the Windows versions also use 2.7.

How it was Written

The GUI code was written in three parts, the GUI windows used Glade to get the layout and the actual code that does the work is in the files called At the time of writing there is no fancy IDE that will do both. This is a bit of a pain as if the layout is changed then the new code generated by Glade has to be modified.

To ease this a bit I have put all of the required modifications in a comment at the bottom of the events file.

The Glade design is in a directory called design, the code that Glade produces is called by the device name and the event code is called device

NOTE: for the PRi these can be obtained by:

wget<name of zip file here>

Name Date Description 24 September 2013 Python GUI for the sideways stackable and other devices 9 October 2013 Incorporates P011,P015,P017   Alternative to I2C smBUS 1 October 2013 Windows software for this device to emulate notsmb
sws_img 18 Oct 2013 This is the wheezy-raspbian image ** 3.8G


Latest Python classes

The following are the most up to date classes to drive the various chips or devices. Click on the link to view the contents or download directly into the RPi by copying the link and preceding with wget. # main sv3 class # this will be needed for Windows I2C when using sv3 # ADC class # GPIO class # LCD class # user interface # EEPROM utility


Pre Built

These are mostly written in Python but by using PyInstaller they have been packaged into a single exe file for windows and so installation is very easy. In fact they do not require installing, simply place on the local drive and run the exe.

  • BvSerail - (Windows) this is now in the ByVac download page, click on link
  • BvSerail - (Linux (RPi) zip) this is now in the ByVac download page, click on link
  • Or link wget
  • sws - (Windows) Sideways Stackable Software (serial)
  • swsi2c - (Windows) Sideways Stackable Software (I2C), this needs a bv4221
  • notsmb - (Windows) Pre built windows package includes serial