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Problem Upgrading

Posted by Neil 
Problem Upgrading
August 04, 2012 11:06PM
I have downloaded \mBASIC_2_00\BV513_V2_11k_V_2.00.bin and BV_COM2 V1.33

I am using BV_COM2 V1.33

When I try the boot loader select the version above and click send it replies WAIT.

On the first try it eventually says NO ACK

After this BASIC still working OK

When I try again it hangs with WAIT forever until I cancel.

Now BASIC will not start and there is no "ok".
if I hit return a few times I get "[06]" then nothing.

I have tried with other terminal emulators but no BASIC start up.

Any suggestions ??
Re: Problem Upgrading
August 05, 2012 09:32AM
Post a few more details:
* which item BV513, 523 etc.
* which BASIC - what is the file name
Re: Problem Upgrading
August 05, 2012 10:07AM
The chip did have the following running before I tried the boot load, now nothing on power up or reset -

[ok reset
Text input Buffer 83 allocated Baud 115200

System cold start
--------- Hardware Detect ----------
RTC start attempt ok
SD Card HW initialised ok
Mounting SD 0 or 1 ok
| machineBASIC Version 1.j |
| Saves 0 |
| BV513_V2 Build Apr 29 2012 |
| |
| Documentation www.doc.bayac.com |
| Library www.mbasic.bayac.com |
| |
| Copyright Jim Spence 2012 |

As you see BV513_V2 with BV101 USB interface ( which just arrived yesterday -thanks)

You will see from earlier post I encounters a bug with machineBASIC Version 1.j

You informed me of a fix with version 1w+ however found BV513_V2_11k_V_2.00.bin on the web site and downloaded this.

I was trying to load BV513_V2_11k_V_2.00.bin when I had the problem with boot load.
I have not tried loading anything else before.

The problem with the boot load first found when using BV_COM2 V1.31 then looked for update and found and used BV_COM2 V1.33 this did not help.

Same problem with both.

Thanks Neil
Re: Problem Upgrading
August 05, 2012 10:23AM
The problem is with the Baud rate:
In the zip file you will see two files, in your case BV513_V2_2M_V_2.04.bin and BV513_V2_11k_V_2.04.bin. These are set up for 2000000 and 115200 Baud respectively. All boot loaders work at 115200 so when you install the BV513_V2_2M_V_2.04.bin file you will not see anything unless you change the Baud rate (AFTER installation of the new upgrade) to 2000000.

The solution is to use the BV513_V2_11k_V_2.04.bin file and it will work at 115200. If you do use the 2000000 Baud file and get used to using it at 2000000, when you come to upgrade again you need to do this at 115200 - something I even forget and spend 10 minutes wondering why it wont work. Best solution is to stick to 115200.

By the way there is now version 2.04 which fixes the annoying incorrect line numbers on error reports, this works in conjunction with 1.33 BV_COM
Re: Problem Upgrading
August 05, 2012 03:54PM
Unfortunately that is not the problem.
I read the release note and selected the correct bin file as I indicated in my previous posting.

I now have V2.04.
Initially same problem.

However I hit return a few times in the BV_COM window and status changed from WAIT to a progress bar.
First time BASIC did not work after load.

Tried again and once more stuck in WAIT, hit return a few times in the BV_COM window and got progress bar.
This time it worked !!!
BASIC started on reset.

May I congratulate you on the level of responsiveness and bug fix releases you are providing for such a low cost product.
Some big S/W companies could learn a thing or two !! Keep up the good work.

I will do my best to report any new bugs found and work arounds.
You should start a Topic specifically for bug reporting, most people will not by looking in this WELCOME thread for such things.

Many thanks Neil
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