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IOT Kit Tutorial

Posted by Brian 
IOT Kit Tutorial
February 14, 2016 03:10PM
The tutorial provides a server address at pin1.org to test the client settings. This address does not appear to exist.The tutorial does state that this may not always be available, but the server code on the BYPIC site still points to this server and it is still referenced in the tutorial.

Any advice/comments would be appreciated.
Re: IOT Kit Tutorial
February 15, 2016 09:52AM
I no longer own pin1.org so have moved the demonstration to byvac.com The following will work:


I will update the website
** Forgot to mention the firmware will also need changing, I will not get round to that for a while. The details are:
in file http://byvac.com/mBlib/flb/Library/wifi/http_client_a.bas constant SERVER$ needs changing to "www.byvac.com"

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