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New Firmware

Posted by RuneKvinge 
New Firmware
July 04, 2016 11:45AM

I just upgraded firmware on my BV508 (to 2.31 serial 201630096) and ESP8266 (to F1_1.9.10). But the wifi connection is not working quite as described at this page: [www.byvac.com]. I use UART1 for the esp8266.

First of all, on 'IoT Wifi' page says 'Update the ESP to the latest version at least F1.9.13 < details of how to do that', but at that page latest version is F1.9.10. I can't find F1.9.13, so my problem is might caused by using version F1.9.10.

I want to use the BV508 as a client connected a server (not http). Manual says that the command '+++send' will connect to server, send the data stored with '+++tosend' command, and then close the connection. Sending the string 12345678 to server:

comouts(1, "\r\n+++tosend 12345678\r\n")
comouts(1, "\r\n+++send server,port\r\n")

When I try this, the BV508 connects to server, sends the 12345678 and keeps the connection open for 5-10 min, and not closing immediately as described. As long as the connection is open, the server can send data to client on that open connection (shown by the 'com.see()' command)

Furthermore, the command '+++client' should connect to server and keep the connection open until '+++drop' command, and trafic on uart will be forwarded to server. My experience is that the BV508 connects to server and stays connected, but nothing can be sendt to server, only received from server:

comouts(1, "\r\n+++client server,port\r\n")
comouts(1, "\r\n12345678\r\n")
comouts(1, "\r\n+++drop\r\n")

The '+++client' command is what I prefer to use, but so far had no luck sending data to server, anyone else who have any experience with this?
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