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// #include "http://www.byvac.com//mBlib/flb/Library/2016/lib_spi.bas"


Serial Peripheral Interface.

BV500 Hardware

// Data out SDO1 is RB13
// Data in  SDI1 is RB8
// Clock SCK1 is RB14

BV513,BV514,BV523 Hardware (MX3) Channel 2 implemented

On this hardware SPI channel 2 is already initialised and so spi_init() will simply set the speed, the default initialised speed is 10 MHz.

// Data out SDO2 is RG8 (MOSI)
// Data in  SDI2 is RG7 (MISO)
// Clock SCK2 is RG6

// Initialises the SPI bus, speed is in HZ, for 10MHz the speed value will be 10000000
spi_init(speed)  // for 8 bits serial

spi_init16(speed) // for 16 bits serial

spi_init32(speed) // for 32 bits serial

Transfers data, with the SPI interface data is transferred in and out at the same time, by convention id just receiving is required the output byte is normally set to 0xff

Example: x = spi_data(0xff) // gets a byte from the SPI bus 
                     spi_data(0x33) // send 0x33 to the SPI bus