LCD Controllers - Character type
December 29, 2013 11:15AM
There are 3 LCD controllers intended for character type displays (16x2 etc..) that all have differing features to suit differing kinds of project, here is a summary:

P017 - This is supplied as an IC for building into other projects it also can be supplied with a PCB making a very low cost option. It does require some building as it is supplied as a kit.
BV4619 - This is very similar to the P017 but is ready built on a PCB and has both serial and I2C interfaces. It also has a keypad interface. This costs slightly more but is a ready build solution.
BV4618 - This is a well established device that has been around for a long time. From a hardware point of view it does not handle the newer tri-colour back light displays. It uses a different serial and I2C software using VT100, the display will scroll. More comprehensive, takes more of the burden of the host.

                  P017                BV4619             BV4618
Interface         Serial OR I2C       Serial AND I2C     Serial AND I2C
Electrical        3 to 5V only        3 to 5V only       Can handle +&-12V RS232
Serial Type       Addressable SV3     Addressable SV3    VT100
Control           Basic               Basic              Full scrolling
Keypad Interface  No                  Yes                Yes
Surface Mount     No                  Yes                Yes
Back Light        3 x PWM             3 x PWM            1 x on/off
LCD Interface     Top (18 pin)        Top (18 pin)       Top and Side (16 pin)
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