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First time...problems..

Posted by hjorge 
First time...problems..
November 03, 2014 05:32PM
Hi iam indeed a new comer here on the forum and user for the basic in a pic,

i got the by pic one of these days and i had no courage to try it out, so it was nicely in shelve for a couple of months... today i started to follow and read about exactly what i need to do to make it run since i decided it was time to have a go... at least try to develop my first connection and my first program..."a simple hello would be enough"

unfortunately i just could get it run... not even the first steps. which is really frustating..... i tried a couple of things but some how stumble on the basical thing which is the connection...

also i did notice the ByPic1 runs quite hot so hot that when touched with my finger i gets burnt....is this normal??
i do not say the actuall PIC chip but the transistor just beside it!?......

also my TTL-USB dongle gets warm which is ok and i have used it before on other arduino projects... by the way i have no DTR and run 5V ... i wonder if i need to buy your specific one to run it!??! it should not matter wich USB adapter i have right?!?

when i plugged it i see the USB port is there on my windows 8 but when i run the BVCOM2 just seems not behaving as in your video... first the screen is all green and i never see the OK comand as expect in your video!?! do you have any idea and what can i do it to make it work!?

one of the things i really want to try out is a simple GSM module connection through the ByPic1 but if i can get it run even then the GSM module would be just impossible....;(
Re: First time...problems..
November 03, 2014 06:23PM
Very frustrating if you cant get off first base.
Which ByPic have you got?
Re: First time...problems..
November 03, 2014 06:49PM
thanks , for sure i am doing something wrong... i am a rookie here so any help at least to get off from ground is really apreciated!

i got the BP1... and the "transistor"i said is really hot at touch is the only one next to the PIC!

any ideas or help you can give me??
Re: First time...problems..
November 03, 2014 06:53PM
Sounds like you have either got the 'transistor' -- which is a voltage regulator backwards or the IC backwards. There should be nothing getting hot.
There is a dot on top of the IC (indented) and a notch, which way is this facing, upwards the prototype area or down towards the serial input?
Re: First time...problems..
November 03, 2014 08:33PM
oh my gosh, really stupid of me... indeed you correct but is not the voltage regulator it was the PIC, i have pluged on the worng way... how i could miss that beats me!!

i know people mentioned PIC are rock solid.... true....after a big frying it seems it is still connecting and working... finally i got the OK on the editor ;)

now i really try to see if i can play a bit more heheheh

before going just to mentioned that the background is still green and not black as is in your video... anyway THANKS you for your help ...i think i will be back for more...
Re: First time...problems..
November 04, 2014 07:43AM
It has always amazed me how forgiving these processors are. They won't take 5V though I have definitely destroyed one by doing that by mistake.

You should be using the new IDE which is much better than the older BV_COM - with the green screen. The new IDE is called BvSerial with PSPad combined; when up and running just type something into PSPad and press F4 and it is automatically transferred to the ByPic.
Re: First time...problems..
November 04, 2014 09:48AM
Thsnk you for the help,
that is why is important to have these open foruns what an easy fix which could me loose hours of bad mood behavior...

i could make work and made my first example LED by following the video example... one thing i notice it seems the PIC do not saves the program within the chip, i tested the LED was flashing, disconnect the the pc software and connect again and it was working still but when i switch off entirely the PIC and switch on again the LED program was not working anymore....hmhmhmhm so definetly is not like the Atml-arduino platform....

any way this is just start and need to play more with it!!
Re: First time...problems..
November 04, 2014 10:58AM
As you say it is definitely not like the outdated Arduino (write, compile program download and see the results). This is much easier and more up to date.

The whole point of the ByPic is so that you can build a device that will run stand alone so there must be a way of saving to the flash - right? - there is. Not only that you can save a function with a special name and that function will run at start up.

see FAQ
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