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no bypic welcome screen on bootup

Posted by knuckles 
no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 03, 2014 03:50PM
bvserial and cooolterm tells me i am connected by serial port 1 but i dont get a bypic welcome screen ,all settings are ok
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 03, 2014 04:48PM
There is a troubleshooting check list at the bottom of the page at this link:
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 04, 2014 02:08PM
i went thru that list but still no welcom screen ,i tried the wire between DTR and grnd but no dice just some garbage on screen ,how essential is that reset circuit with push button ?thats next to try although the micro board was ok without a reset circuit ,that went well on bootup
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 04, 2014 03:17PM
coolterm shows the TX led lighting but RX shows nothing
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 04, 2014 03:20PM
You will need to provide some details:
1) what device is it
2) what have you got it connected to
3) wiring - which pins go where
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 04, 2014 09:40PM
BP1 kit via FTDI 5v basic board , (its the 2nd you sent me this week )

TX to RX
RX to TX
5V supply from FTDI basic
brushed a wire from V and Grnd to DTR as a reset
all joints are sound
C1 and C5 polarity's correct
TX to TX and RX to RX tried
CTS not connected

minimax board works ok no problems
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 05, 2014 07:55AM
I have run out of ideas, it is obviously something you are doing different (probably something obvious) but given the information I really have no idea what it is.
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 28, 2014 10:49PM
I have the same problem: No welcome screen!
I have IoT Wi-Fi GPIO (BV508 with ESP8266)+BV104 (USB to Serial Bridge); all connections are correct, I checked the echo crossing RX to TX on the BV104 (so driver are correct and functioning).
Starting BvSerial I can see on the screen:
in green color this 3 raw
Available ports:
COM28 Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM28)
socket://<ipaddress>:port, e.g. socket://
in white color this 2 raw
BySerial on COM28: 115200,8,N,1
Quit .x | Help .h
in green color this 3 raw
forcing DTR inactive
forcing RTS inactive
version 14
and then the cursor is white and blinking. I'm waiting for the yellow text by the PIC, but nothing.
So, simple questions:
1) How can I check if the firmware is loaded?
2) If it is not loaded, can I upload the frimware?
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 29, 2014 08:48AM
2) It is very easy to reload the firmware but you need the welcome screen first. As you have given me enough details to go on it is obvious that the CP210 driver needs to be re-installed. Lots of devices use the CP10x and there have been many versions. An older driver will be on your system that is stopping the new device from working properly an preventing communication with the BV508.

You can check this by connecting TX to RX on the BV104, if working properly you will get a yellow text echo back when CR is pressed.

This is what to do:

1) make sure the USB to serial is plugged in as above
2) remove the driver - in the 'device manager'
3) unplug the USB to Serial
4) plug it back in again and let windows find a new driver ****

**** This may not work, if not then install the driver from the SiLabs web site for the chip that is on the BV104
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 30, 2014 11:11AM
Tanks for the replay, but I have made this check before:
wathever I write in white color, after I give a return I receive (the echo) in yellow color.
The driver is correct and functioning, I also downloaded from Silabs the software from
the AN 223 "CP210xPortReadWrite.exe" so I can read the GPIO found on the BV104.
So I can say that the BV104 is properly working.
1) How I can test/Check the BV508?
2) Inside the bag I received I found a paper where I writed "BV508 and ESP8266 module in this pack have been tested together". Can I replicate your test?
3) On the BV104 there is a RED led that is on when I plug it in the USB port, but on the BV508 I do not see ad any led. It is very strange for me, why you do not put a led for the feed back too the user?

Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 30, 2014 11:46AM
you may have just identified the problem:
There is an LED on the BV508 which should light up when the BV104 is connected, double check the wiring from the BV104 to BV508:

BV104          BV508
GND             G
RXD            TX
TXD            RX
5V              +V
3V (no connection)
DTR             DTR

The BV508 is checked with the ESP8266 which is packed in the same bag together. However the BV104 is not checked so if there is something wrong it is with either the wiring from the BV104 to the BV508 or the BV104 itself. If the wiring is okay it suggests that there is no 5V supply to the BV508
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 31, 2014 11:35AM
Ok Jimer,
just before the end of this year I solved.
The BV104 is OK, as I said, but looking at PIN on the BV508 cheching the connection as you said,
I found a bad welding on the G pin of the BV508! So I ask myself
"how the package was tested? Maybe the test was a just one shot test and the welding worked well just 1 time!!"
I remake that and all is ok: now I can see 1 LED on the BV508 and 2 (very little!!) on the ESP8266.
Now I can play with this package.
But just an other question to which you did not answer in my first post:
a) How I can upload/upgrade a new firmware version on the BV508?
And where I can found new version of your firmware? Again If I want to make a firmware that use the BV508 and the ESP module can I write and upload by my self?
I thank you in advance and I wish you a Happy New Year
Re: no bypic welcome screen on bootup
December 31, 2014 01:17PM
sorry abut the soldering.

All of the information for the wi-fi module is here http://www.bypic.co.uk/index.php/IoT_Wi-Fi_Kit

The firmware can be removed by typing flclear(0) at the ok prompt (after coming out of the menu). This will clear all of the firmware.

To reload the firmware you will need to install the IDE, from the black screen (BvSerial), which you probably already have installed type .edit (dot edit) and this will bring up the program editor. Copy the green url from this page http://www.bypic.co.uk/index.php/IoT_Wi-Fi_Kit and then in the program editor use the menu scrips>Open URL in Clip and press ok to the dialog. You will now have the firmware script in the editor. To load this back onto the BV508 use CTR+SHIFT+R, it takes about a minute.

Closer observation of the script will see that it is made up of several files, this script just sends all of these in one go but they can be downloaded to the BV508 and saved individually. For development work the first 3 'rookie' files can be very useful. For more information about developing your own programs, the best place to start after using flclear(0) is here
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