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Can't Upgrade to mBASIC

Posted by ugine 
Can't Upgrade to mBASIC
May 19, 2012 05:39PM
I have tried to bring my mini BV513 to firmware 2.31.
I downloaded appl.hex. (With (Pickit 3))
Now when I try the (firmware 2.31) to load, you will always time out (no Ackn. (6))
Is there a way, all (loader, and Basic) as a hex file to download? (With Pickit 3)
Re: Can't Upgrade to mBASIC
May 19, 2012 05:49PM
If you purchased theBV513-M before April 2012 then it has boot loader 1 installed and so cannot be upgraded by using the available firmware. Send it back to the address at the top of [www.byvac.com] (with a note) and it will have boot loader 2 installed for free, you can then install the new version of BASIC.

*** You should never use a programmer unless you don't want to use BASIC any more. The BASIC will ONLY load with the boot-loader and using a programmer will remove the boot-loader. There is no need to use a programmer as the boot-loader will load hex files created by MPLAB.
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