This is a fully assembled Arduino shaped board ustilising a a PIC32 microcontroller (PIC32MX340F512H) with 512K Flash and 32k Ram. It has incorporated into the flash the ByPic operating system so is very easy to use and program.

The SD Card when used with ByPic can read and write FAT 16 and FAT 32 files and so the file format is compatible with a PC card reader. Ideal for data logging and then simply taking the card out to be read on a PC.

Comparison with Arduino

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The communication is via the serial interface and is normally via a USB to serial adapter. The BP2 can be purchased with or without a USB to serial adapter.


Pin outs

The PIC32 is much more versatile than the original processor that the Uno was designed for. The table shows some of the possibilities of the pin designations. Not all of the functions and features are listed in the table, just the more common ones.

There are two rows of pads. The outer row has sockets attached and the inner rows are left without sockets.

MX370 Fixed Peripheral pin Map

  • U1RX > RF2
  • U1TX > RF3
  • U2RX > RF4
  • U2TX > RF5
  • SCL1 > RG2
  • SDA1 > RG3
  • SCK2 > RG6
  • SDI2 > RG7
  • SDO2 > RG8
  • SS2 > RG9

Circuit Diagram (click to enlarge)