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BV501 flash full?

Posted by TCKsteve 
BV501 flash full?
June 01, 2014 11:15PM
The bv501 limitation is the flash memory size - but how do you fix a flsave("") that has exceed limit and the BV501 will not reboot? All I get are some hex numbers when it is reset so I cannot clear the Flash using flclear(0).
I think I am a couple of lines too much code!!

r[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]=[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]=[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T([fe]r[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T([fe]r[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nrF=[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]=[df][ce][e0]T([fe]r[06]9[df][ce][e0]P(nr[06]=[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T(nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nrF=[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]=[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[df][ce][e0]T([fe]r[06]9[df][ce][e0]P nr[06]9[ff]

This is what happaens on a reset!
Have changed USB - serial and checked power. 3.3v and 5v ok

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Re: BV501 flash full?
June 02, 2014 08:12AM
There is a flash reset that involves sending '\' within 1/2 second of a physical reset. The BvSerial can do this for you the command is .loopbreak (dot loopbreak). This should clear everything from flash, just as flclear(0) would have done.
Re: BV501 flash full?
June 02, 2014 09:53AM
Unfortunately I have tried "\" and now have tried .loopbreak with two seperate USB/serials.
Using .loopbreak I get:
tmp = r
- then numbers similar to above.
There is no backlight on the LCD screen/display, the Bypic firmware code is not working to give a prompt.
Re: BV501 flash full?
June 02, 2014 10:19AM
Seems there are no more bv501's for sale ????
I had a good working working program on this and was about to put it into a nice box...
Re: BV501 flash full?
June 02, 2014 10:57AM
The BV501 is short of Flash and so in design is an update that will probably use the MX3 version of the PIC32 family and also the SD Card that goes with it. Anybody who has purchased the original BV501 will not be forgotten.

There are some BV501's left if you want another, let me know by email.

(** Check your email for a fix to the above problem **)
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