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Update: As from 2018 the language is no longer being developed. The hex file is however freely available for the PIC32MX170


Ease of Use: Connect up and get an 'ok' prompt, no complex tool chain or programs to install.

Speed of development: No write, compile, upload, run, test - just program.

All marketing for microcontrollers are concerned with processor speed - but what about development speed? What about ease of use? Surely if the processor is fast enough are not these two things important?

If like me you have been brainwashed into thinking that the fastest processor is the best even though only a few percent of its speed is actually used, then its time to wake up. My time is important, My ease of use is important.

Quick start Guide.pdf format

Introduction web format.

Quick Links:

  • ByPic Hardware - This is what ByPic will run on
  • IDE as shown above (does not need installing).
  • Forum - ByPic section, questions and answers
  • FAQ