NOTE: The python software on this site is version 2.7.3 as this is the current default software used on the Raspberry Pi when using "2014-01-07-wheezy-raspbian"

There are two areas of software:

The Python GUI so that Windows or Rpi can control the devices using a window type environment. This is mainly for demonstration purposes but obviously the code can be adapted for other uses. It looks complex but this because of the GUI.

NOTE Update 2016: The GUI software is quite old now and is not maintained, please feel free to use aspects of it in your own code.

There are also classes for each device that make using them a bit more consistent especially when swapping between the serial and I2C interface. The classes simply provide an interface between python and either serial or i2c.

There is a utility for viewing and modifying the EEPROM contents. Read more....