Windows Software Installation

The software does not need installing, there are two versions of SWS (Sideways Stackable Software). One for serial and the other for I2C.


Download the zip sws file form the downloads section and unzip into a local directory. There should be an images directory and a zip file:

Similar to this - probably without the zip file. Tu run simply double click on the exe file.


For I2C a BV4221_V2 is needed, assuming that one is connected then download the swsi2c zip file from the downloads section.

This has the following files:

Before running open the bv4221.cfg file using a text editor and change the COM port the match the one the BV4221 is connected to.


{"baud": 115200, "port": "COM0"} This is the text supplied in the original file

{"baud": 115200, "port": "COM12"} Assume that the bv4221 is on COM12

Using SWS

The example shown is using windows with a USB to serial device conected to create a COM port. That in turn is connected to one or two devices.

The utility requires a connection to a COM port as described above. There is a refresh comport icon that will populate the port list. Pressing the icon on this system reveals COM41.

The red connect icon is pressed and it turns green, now press get attached devices.

There are two attached devices connected to this system, a BV4601 (twin relays) and a P017 (LCD). To work with the device the line in the box is double clicked.

When it is double clicked the status line is filled and the dialog for the device can be opened, thus:

A different screen will appear for different devices.